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kiwi business’ potential

Here at BlueOcean we are pioneering a new market space between traditional management consulting and strategic marketing. We are more than strategy, more than execution. We have our own playbook that challenges the rules of where to play and how to win.


When you partner with BlueOcean, you get a full-on unique blend of experienced talent enriching your in-house capabilities.

We believe that good business is powered by a clear purpose, love, and genuine care. We often draw that inspiration from our families.

Does it sound like you too?

"Graeme – the newest member of our marketing team, has dived in wholeheartedly bringing inspiration and initiative with him. He is a pure professional, calm and an excellent communicator. He is intent on getting it all great and extremely customer focussed."

- Bev Trueman

Graeme Sutherland - Marketing Consultant

"Ally is such a bright light in the marketing team; she has a great giggle and an easy sense of humour. She has an uncanny ability to cut through BS and offer a calculated opinion based on fact and experience. She questions everything, keeps her focus, and delivers great results."

- Bridgette Bolton

Ally Boyd - Marketing Consultant

"Jo keeps us grounded and guides our people with integrity, whether that’s ensuring the best for our clients or our team. She represents the good in all things and is a treasured shoulder to lean on when the going gets tough!"

- Lee Hunter

Jo Taute - CRO

"Courageously all in, Lee is a lover of people. It all starts with his friendly smile, backed by integrity and genuine care. Then, without even blinking, Lee's innovative, inquisitive mind will leave you thinking and linking your way to success."

- Graeme Sutherland

Lee Hunter - Strategic Consultant

"Professional, experienced and full of dad jokes, Shane is a great team player with a diverse range of skills enabling him to build great customer relationships and deliver exceptional outcomes."

- Henrik Arlund

Shane Jaxson - Strategic Consultant

"Mix bold creativity, a strategic brain and 2 cups of salsa with Colombian spice mix, then bake at 180 for... actually, if you find the recipe for baking another Coko, please let me know."

- Dale Koerner

Coko Velez - Creative Brand Strategist

"Roland is a blue-sky thinker, with his feet on the ground. For him, any crazy idea or ambitious goal is possible as long as you have a clear purpose and a committed team to make it happen. He's a true leader, kind, and inspiring. His secret? keep Peter Pan (inner-child) alive and kicking every day."

- Coko Velez

Roland Leemans - CEO

"Shannon takes your brand and messaging to the next level to inspire your customers and your team; while munching on something sweet from the kitchen cupboard! Branding, animation, and video are just some of his tricks of the trade."

- Ally Boyd

Shannon Bayliss - Senior Art Director

"No problem is too complex to solve. Such a magician, dedicated to his craft. Great team player."

- Shannon Bayliss

Jay Kudecha - Technical Team Leader

"Henrik is extraordinary! His ability and acumen transcend ‘normal’. His passion for business and the success of our clients shows in the consistent results delivered and the genuine care for those he works with - his are a particularly safe and trustworthy pair hands. Approachable, as long as he’s had #coffee :)"

- Jo Taute

Henrik Arlund - COO

"Dan is like the Wonderboy of all things digital. He can troubleshoot any client issue from miles away with nothing... but MIND BULLETS! All while building mean websites on the side."

- Augustin Bulay

Daniel Lee - Digital Guru

"Augustin is an absolute powerhouse of a developer - nothing is too tough for this guy. His humble can-do attitude is an inspiration and he's a delight to work with. Don't know what we'd do without him!"

- Shane Jaxson

Augustin Bulay - Full Stack Web Developer

"Bev is the backbone of our entire team. While simultaneously keeping us all honest, she provides the gracious welcome that all our clients deserve when they visit. We all love her #therealboss."

- The Whole Team

Bev Trueman - Finance

"Bridgette cares deeply about the success of her clients. She has an extraordinary capability to classify and rank the needs, wants, and expectations of target customers and/or consumers during their key interactions with a brand or product. Most importantly, she’s a great, lovely human being."

- Roland Leemans

Bridgette Bolton - Marketing Consultant

"Dale likes to keep us on our toes with his wit, jokes and memes! Our strategic thinker (or strategist) has the attention to detail and inquisitive nature for data collection that ensure great results for our clients, and makes him a pleasure to work with."

- Daniel Lee

Dale Koener - Senior Strategic Marketer

We’re always open to meet good humans who can bring passion, commitment and talent to the team. If this sounds like you, please get in touch.

Are you keen to join the team?

We believe...

All businesses have the potential to achieve their dreams but face overwhelming challenges in a fast paced, dynamic environment. We understand these challenges, because the firm's Partners have experienced the same, and over the last 20+ years they have led the transformation of hundreds of businesses

Applying their management consulting and financial backgrounds to navigate through intense competition they have evolved their own firm to where it is today - a team of over 20 specialists in management consulting, strategy, marketing, creative and digital.

We love what we do and we are passionate about forging new growth pathways for small to large enterprises. We work hard to learn more, do more, achieve more and we make no apologies for it. Our clients are investing in us as an investment in their future and we refuse to let them down.

We deliver growth and performance for our clients through the application and execution of strategic thinking, value innovation, organisation alignment, and a perpetual curiosity for ‘what’s next?’.

Dale Koerner

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Align your true north with ours

We work and live by these set of values. Collectively, they form the true north that aligns our people, our culture and our way of doing business.

Be Accountable

Leaders at BlueOcean seek input and involve key people in important decisions. In gathering input, strong leaders will welcome diverse opinions, conflicting views, and open dialogue. Once a decision is made, the leader and members of the team will all be accountable for the results and for implementing the decision rapidly.

Compete Intensely and Win

We compete against past performance and industry rivals to rapidly achieve high-quality results. Winning requires taking risks and we cannot be satisfied by previous achievements.

Create Value

BlueOcean provides value by focusing on the needs of clients and creating a work environment that provides opportunities for staff members to reach their full potential.

Be Knowledgeable

BlueOcean's success depends on innovation, integrity, and continuous improvement in all aspects of our business through the application of our people’s knowledge.


BlueOcean provides value by focusing on the needs of clients and creating a work environment that provides opportunities for staff members to reach their full potential.

Ensure Quality

Quality is a cornerstone of all of our activities. We seek the highest quality leaders, decisions, and people. We produce high-quality work. Quality is woven into the fabric of everything we do.

Be Ethical

We are relentless in applying the highest ethical standards to our services and dealings with customers, partners, competitors, and each other.

Trust and Respect

Every job at BlueOcean is important and every staff member is important. We attract diverse, capable, and committed people; provide an environment that fosters inclusion, respect, and individual responsibility; and values diversity. Trust is strengthened through personal initiative and by obtaining quality results rapidly.

BlueOcean Life Rewards and celebrations

Professional Development

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Professional Development

Value creation is a two way street and we are serious about increasing value for our crew and our clients. A learning environment and ongoing professional development is the keystone of our culture.

Crew members share insights and specialist knowledge through weekly training sessions and we support our crew through certified training and education programmes specific to their niche. We also invest in higher education for our stars through sponsoring Executive Education at Harvard Business School.

This is how our specialists continue to be so special.

Mentoring & Leadership

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Mentoring & Leadership

Professional development is more than gaining the alphabet after your name. It is about being encouraged to innovate and test your skills in a supportive environment. We all have a niche and we share that through regular training and cross discipline learning.

We also value curiosity and knowing the right questions to ask, rather than knowing the answers to all the questions. To this end you will have regular mentoring sessions with our senior leadership team. These sessions are driven by you and guidance comes via sharing knowledge and experiences and assistance with self directed learning through access to a plethora of relevant books that will maximise your potential.

Celebrating You

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Celebrating You

Don’t think twice about asking for the day off on your birthday; that day is yours so carpe that diem! Or come into the office to be showered in birthday tributes and take it on another day. (Limit 1 per annum.)

We value the health and wellbeing of our staff so we save up all the birthday shouts for a monthly extravaganza of cake and celebration and sometimes those moments just keep on going, transforming into drinks after 5.

Summer Fridays

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Summer Fridays

We think switching off is important. That’s why each Blue Ocean employee gets two Summer Friday afternoons off to head to the beach, soak up some vitamin D and relax.

The Barbeque

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The Barbeque

What's cooking good looking?

There is nothing better than the aroma of meat on the barbie. Even better when it's at work and you can take some time out from being awesome to cook up some fun around the barbeque. Note, on rainy days we have been known to be British and BBQ in the rain. Still fun!

Smart and Casual

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Smart and Casual

Does anyone feel free to innovate in a suit and tie?

We work with some seriously impressive clients, but we keep it humble; smart casual is the daily dress code. No, that’s not a dinner jacket and jandals....

Celebrating Life

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Celebrating Life

All work and no play makes Jack a.... you see where this is going.

We work hard but we also get together regularly to let our hair down and have fun. Pizza lunches, Christmas parties, mid-winter Christmas, Melbourne Cup, Easter Egg hunts, St Patricks Day, Bobs uncles'-mothers-friends-sisters 60th birthday...


Where would you like to meet?