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Business Transformation Workshop

Join us for a transformational strategy workshop to find how your business can play to win.

Shifting thinking from products to customers can take any business from Good to Great.

Strategy is possibly one of the most complicated topics in business today.

Our Evolution by Design workshop will cut through all the noise of what you should do into a concise “why/what/how” actionable customer-centric strategy.

This workshop is ideally suited to business owners and executives looking to grow and accelerate their business or build value for exit.

To ensure each business gets the maximum value from this interactive workshop and one-on-one time with the panel, spaces are limited to 8 businesses.

The Agenda

This is not a one-way lecture.

It is an interactive workshop designed to guide you to answer the key questions of “What IS your business; What SHOULD it be?”.

You will walk away with a roadmap to get there; including the alignment of key people and processes within your business as well as a plan for execution.

It is not an easy task, but it does not need to be complicated.

Understanding the structure of strategy


Define your strategic objectives and reach a clear statement of strategy

Value Proposition Design and Job to be Done


How to shape your products and services around your customers

The Strategy Canvas - Visualising your products and services strategy


Create your BlueOcean Strategy Canvas to understand which elements your organisation competes and differentiates on

The company alignment model - Visualise the internal playing field


Understand your business’s current situation and the key elements to put in place to grow

Turning strategy into action


How to effectively structure strategy execution through levers of organisation design, accountability, and processes

Wrap-up and Q&A


The Panel

Roland Leemans
Chief Executive Officer
B.Sc MBA Exec.Ed.Harvard Business

Roland has a passion for solutions - often finding them before problems arise. He sees organisations as a solution waiting to happen and, using his substantial financial background and over 20 years management consulting experience, he dives deep into the structure of the organisation to develop and implement a winning strategy.

Henrik Arlund
Chief Operations Officer
B.Sc Exec.Ed.Harvard Business

With a strong financial background, Henrik has an eye for detail and a passion for data analysis. He has the ability to comprehend the needs of clients by understanding the true frictions within their organisation. Henrik has implemented winning strategies and solutions for large hotel groups, associations, and destination management organisations.