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Knee & Spinal / Element Health

Unlocking value potential to create business growth

The Wind Tunnel helped a physio, health and wellness group find what differentiates them and how they can truly add value to their clients while expanding their business model.

The Challenge

Knee & Spinal Clinic a physiotherapy clinic, and Element Health a professional health consultancy, are both located in Tauranga and owned by Nigel Beach. They specialise in treating the cause of pain and dysfunction in the body to improve overall health and performance – both physically and mentally. Nigel was faced with a number of roadblocks both in the day-to-day business operation and future financial profitability. The group and decided to step into The Wind Tunnel with BlueOcean.

Strategic Approach

Before meeting with Nigel, we obtained details of the current financial position of the business group so we could really understand how to help. We met with Nigel over two sessions – the first allowing us to gain insight and understanding of what his concerns were and where his problems lay. The second session allowed us to truly define and differentiate where the value lies and present a new business model to go and test in the market.

Session one

After meeting with BlueOcean, a number of problems in both of the day to day operations were identified – from large overhead costs, long appointments times generating a small return in revenue, to underutilised staffing concerns. Nigel had a number of part time staff members and was faced with a situation which meant he was so personally oversubscribed in the business with both hands-on client work but also administration, he couldn’t possibly expand.

Helping Nigel see the importance to utilise and trust his staff with operational elements of his business, create more structure, add further value creation and reduce overhead costs meant he could see that he needed to shift his thinking from the inside out – not thinking first about what they do and how they do it, but starting with why they do it.

Session two

During the second session, BlueOcean focused on helping Nigel understand his value proposition to his customers. For Nigel, that is above the services they offer, what value do their clients receive on their health and wellness journey that differentiates both the Knee & Spinal Clinic and Element Health from competition, creating loyal long term clients.

An individual treatment package plan was developed alongside diagnosis and treatment tools to add unique and personable touch points to the customer experience during consultations. The plans for an ongoing online program to further improve the customer experience and provide further individuality to treatment plans were also drafted.

The Outcome

Nigel was presented with a plan to go forward, ongoing support and a new understanding of where his business potential lies to generate and guarantee the future growth of the Knee & Spinal Clinic and Element Health.

The Wind Tunnel helped Nigel to see the importance of putting the customer at the centre of everything they do to add value to their experience and to dive deep down at an operational level as to what was going wrong in the day-to day. He left The Wind Tunnel with a fresh perspective, a new strategic support partner and the confidence of future growth for his business.


From finding your ideal customer to opening new markets. Whatever success looks like for you, let’s go for it.

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More Success Stories

See a sample of our favourite client success stories.

The Dentists (old)

Challenge: To align six dental practices across New Zealand behind the founders values and deliver better outcomes for patients. To make the organisation less dependent on founders and ready to scale.

Approach: Define and document purpose, goals and patient value. Build a strong organisation and brand focused around customer centricity. Implement streamlined processes, systems and structure across all practices to ensure consistent delivery of highest value.


  • Implemented a strategic board
  • A more resilient, structured, documented business 
  • Increased customer centricity and value
Contour International (old)

Challenge: Aligning strategy, sales and service to achieve growth in a market dominated by large and influential competitors and clients.

Approach: A strategic shift from equipment supplier to solutions partner. Redefinition and refinement of segmentation, targeting and value proposition. Sales and Marketing knowledge exchange to provide a two-way market feedback loop and shape communications execution.


  • Customer-centric strategy
  • Sustained year-on-year growth
  • Increased alignment between sales & marketing
Jet Park Hotels (old)

Challenge: Shape an already successful organisation to become a fully-fledged hotel group, centred around the customer.

Approach: Internal stocktake of culture, systems and process from the boardroom to the broom cupboard. Market research. Value Proposition design. Processes, scorecards and objectives set at every level of the organisation. Brand refresh. Portal and property-level websites. Marketing comms execution. 


  • An accountable, robust business culture focussed on value creation
  • Organisational alignment through new structure, strategic processes, and new set of score cards  
  • Replicable framework for growth to expand the chain
BeeNZ (old)

Challenge: Help a business that had achieved light-speed growth to reaffirm their values before taking on big new markets where the competition already has a foothold.

Approach: Listen and learn the back story. Primary and Secondary market research to understand the end-consumer. A new value proposition, brand refresh, customer journey mapping and market penetration strategy.


  • Strategy, positioning and international go-to-market plan
  • Customer journey map and associated asset build
  • Digital transformation through a global intranet, extranet & eCommerce engine 


Lake Taupo Holiday Resort (old)

Challenge: Client needed to stand independent from TOP10 holiday parks after heavily investing in upgrading their park to a holiday resort; and wanted to create long term growth strategy.

Approach: Clarify and refine a clear value proposition by shifting to their strategy from product to customer centric. Align marketing and digital to communicate value to target markets and distribution channels. Create a pricing strategy to maximise yield and occupancy. 


  • 10 to 1 ROI on total engagement
  • 36% increase in online reservations
  • Continued growth year on year 
Complete Access Scaffolding (old)

Challenge: Take a business with incredible internal culture and turn it into a value proposition to gain competitive advantage in a red-ocean market. Attract and retain good-fit staff.

Approach: Understand the culture and leadership. Understand the customer. Develop a differentiated value proposition, translate through brand and take to market.


  • A strategy and playbook that aligns staff and customers
  • Bold, differentiated positioning that is centred on value creation
  • A business that steps up
Treetops (old)

Challenge: An incredible property that was being sold as an overnight luxury lodge, rather than a destination in its own right, with some misaligned guest expectations.  

Approach: Define who the customer is, understand their journey and develop a go to market strategy and positioning. Build a clear value proposition, a brand and an innovative digital strategy that attracts the right guests and is understood by trade distribution channels. 


  • 975% increase in revenue from digital channels within 12 months
  • Increased average length of stay
  • Guest feedback rating grown to 4.8 stars / 5
Sail Barbary (old)

Challenge: Taupo based yachting excursion company suffered a terrible blow. One of their yachts ran aground, instantly halving their business potential. A new vessel was acquired but it didn’t fit the sustainability brand values. With the clock ticking towards summer an entirely new value proposition had to be developed to maintain their eco-friendly reputation.

Approach: Drive campaigns to target market segment. Develop new products and propositioning for new vessel while maintaining continuity with the over-arching brand.


  • 20% increase in total bookings YoY.
  • 35% contribution of new vessel to total bookings within 3 months.
Aroha Luxury Tours (old)

Challenge: In an industry that is overwhelmed with travel options how does one luxury travel company stand apart from the others and increase bookings and dollar value of high net worth travellers?

Approach: Define the intrinsic value that our client offers outside of the “holiday package” market. Develop a separate strategy for the owner of the company as the definitive expert in the luxury travel market.


  • Increased industry awareness as a leader in bespoke luxury travel.
  • Increased bookings
  • Guest ratings continue to describe their holiday as the “best of a lifetime.”
Wildwire Wanaka (old)

Challenge: Implement a new brand and grow revenue for a Wanaka based climbing business. Develop a long-term strategy to keep the business sustainable in an industry that has been predicted to decline.

Approach: Develop a guest focused strategy through emotional values rather than competing on product and price.


  • Customer-centric strategy, market position, brand and digital communications
  • 37% increase in on-line revenue
  • 67% increase in order value