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We are strategy

We formulate your game plan.

Developing strategy is a game of two halves. Matching financial and data analysis with the art of product and customer understanding. The ability to visualise and forecast the interaction of all the moving parts in your organisation is a specialist sport. You need a strategic coach to align your people, resources and processes with your vision.

Our experienced management consultants immerse themselves in your business, analyzing performance and identifying those missing links and opportunities that create value and connect with your customers. They are your strategic coach, helping you navigate with intent towards your goals.

Roland Leemans
Chief Executive Officer

CEO – Partner
B.Sc MBA Exec.Ed.Harvard Business

Born and bred in Brussels, Belgium, Roland came from humble beginnings where the only way up was hard work and determination. A childhood spent trekking the Swiss Alps during the holidays and reading every book available during the school term set Roland up for an adult life of adventure and education.

Starting with a Bachelor’s in Commercial Engineering rounded off with a Masters in Business at the elite University of Brussels, Roland has continued his thirst for knowledge through multiple Executive Education programmes at Harvard Business School.

Roland has a passion for solutions. Often finding them before problems arise. He sees organisations as a solution waiting to happen and, using his substantial financial and consulting experience with JP Morgan Bank Of New York and PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC), he dives deep into the structure of the organisation to develop a winning strategy.

Roland's statement of leadership is, "Always remember to keep Peter Pan alive".