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We are strategy

We formulate your game plan.

Developing strategy is a game of two halves. Matching financial and data analysis with the art of product and customer understanding. The ability to visualise and forecast the interaction of all the moving parts in your organisation is a specialist sport. You need a strategic coach to align your people, resources and processes with your vision.

Our experienced management consultants immerse themselves in your business, analyzing performance and identifying those missing links and opportunities that create value and connect with your customers. They are your strategic coach, helping you navigate with intent towards your goals.

Jo Taute
Chief Revenue Officer

CRO - Partner
Exec.Ed.Harvard Business

Hailing from Zimbabwe, Jo was immersed in tourism from a young age through her parent’s network of lodges on Lake Kariba.

Ten years with Zimbabwe Sun Hotels further strengthened Jo’s industry expertise before she moved to New Zealand with a young family. Transferring her tenacity into advertising, Jo’s professional life in New Zealand started in radio before moving to Tauranga to join ReserveGroup. Her dedication to client success and ability to build robust relationships, teams and networks saw her quickly elevated to the position of Partner; one of three who now direct Blue Ocean Marketing. 

Jo’s investment in her clients goes way beyond the boardroom. Regardless of what success looks like, Jo is tireless in helping her clients and their teams achieve it, setting direction and inspiring and empowering clients and staff to win together.