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The most successful companies in the world have shifted from products to customers. You can too.

What happened to Kodak?

Do you remember those printed pictures, that “Kodak moment”? Do you still use Kodak?


For over 100 years Kodak dominated the photographic industry. But cameras went digital and then disappeared into mobile phones. People went from printing pictures to sharing them online. Consequently, Kodak exited its legacy business, sold off its patents and re-emerged as a much smaller company.

Imagine if they had shifted their thinking from their product, printed photos, to their customers and providing the things that they valued? What if they had focused on helping customers share memories? In other words, helping customers find the best solution to solve their problems?

Do you think this shift might have changed their viewpoint and encouraged them to look at better helping fulfil these needs? Could they have seen the opportunity to lead the market?

If they had made this shift, Kodak might still be the market leader. Instead, people turn to Facebook, Apple, or Google to store and share photos.

Kodak camera

Why should you shift?

Shifting from products to customers takes your business from good to great.


Shifting delivers revenue

A customer-centric approach ensures that you deliver value where your customers need and expect it. Some of the benefits are:

  • Value drives customers' decision to purchase
  • Value affects price – customers pay more for value
  • Delivering value creates customer satisfaction
  • Satisfied customers are loyal customers
  • Loyal customers return and refer


Shifting delivers organisational performance

Shifting your thinking aligns your entire organisation behind your customers. This gives your organisation purpose. This purpose helps your organisation achieve your goals.

  • Shifting to customers highlights opportunity
  • Looks beyond just products and features
  • Focuses efforts on solving customers’ problems
  • Inspires innovation to create or capture new demand
  • Avoids disruption and copy-cat competition

The Shift in Action

Treetops Lodge & Estate 


The Challenge 

Luxury accommodation? Overused and undervalued 

We saw and positioned ourselves as a place, luxury accommodation on an amazing property, but our customers were unclear on the value this offered, only booking short stays with us as a gateway to explore nearby Rotorua. 


The Shift 

It’s about the journey, not the destination 

We shifted our thinking to the value we offer as a canvas that helps our customers create amazing moments, embracing the idea that everyone’s definition of luxury is unique and that our role is to help each person find a path on their journey. 


The Value

Meaningful stories… Giving the gift of time  

By embracing true value and aligning everything behind the shift to sharing meaningful moments and transformative experiences, we encouraged our customers to join in and participate in our story, experiencing more and staying longer. 

What needs to shift?

Making the shift doesn’t need to be daunting.

By taking an in-depth look at your business through the eyes of your customers you can focus on:


Customer Centricity 

Creating value for your customers 

Understand what value truly means, why it wins, and how you can create it for your customers. Shift your thinking from products to customers to create long-term value and promote loyalty. 


Customer Journey 

Understanding the customer experience 

Explore how customer’s experience your organisation and the impact of each step along their journey. Take a look at value through the lens of their experience to uncover where you can create value. 


Strategic Value Proposition 

Aligning with what customers value 

Shape your approach and delivery of products and services around what your customers truly need. Reach a clear statement of strategy by mapping the value between your products and your customers. 


Customer Innovation 

Innovating around customer needs 

Shift your product innovation around what your customers are trying to accomplish at each step of their journey. Innovating around your understanding of customers help you to avoid, or lead, disruption. 

The Shift in Action

Dentists Group


The Challenge 

They blinded us with science… or did they? 

We were justifiably proud of our technical expertise and of our use of the most advanced dentistry techniques and tools, however, this was not something that our customers really valued or could translate into what it meant for them in their day-to-day lives. 


The Shift 

Constant care and comfort 

We shifted our thinking to highlight the value that we offer our customers as a lifelong companion, one that cares for their oral health. We embraced the idea that the true value we offer is in being someone that has their best interests at heart…. by being there for them… throughout their lifetime. 


The Value 

Improve your oral health… live a better life 

By shifting our role to that of a trusted lifelong companion, one that improves our customers’ lives and is committed to their ongoing care and overall health, we have encouraged them to put their trust in us and our expertise, becoming customers for life. 

How do you shift?


Shift Thinking

Do things need to change?

Inspire organisational shift through strategic workshops and one on one consultation where we explore customer centricity, strategic value proposition, value creation and customer innovation.

Shape Organisation

Evolve with new strategies

High level strategy and management consulting aims to create and deliver a customer centric strategy, organisational purpose, alignment, and inbound sales and marketing strategies.

Act on Strategy

Take action

With strategy and organisational readiness completed, we turn strategy into action to deliver business growth through marketing, digital transformation and strategic execution.


Ready but unsure where to start?

Join us and take advantage of our expertise in helping New Zealand businesses make the shift. Join us on a journey to develop a shared understanding of why you need to shift as we work together towards embracing a customer-first mindset.

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