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Reboot sales & strategy?



Funded support package

Sales & Strategy business reboot

Cash is the catalyst for recovery. Strategy, the linchpin of longevity.

This fully-funded business continuity package addresses the challenges of financial management and sales activation, whilst laying the strategic foundations for business continuity in the long term.

Who is this package for? 
Businesses with cash flow challenges and the need to reposition for continuity beyond COVID-19.

How will this package help?
Businesses will benefit in the following ways:

- Tackle cash flow with immediate, actionable advice from a BlueOcean financial auditor
- Reignite sales with communications tools and training to reconnect with the market
- Position for longterm continuity with a facilitated strategy reset

How is the package funded?
This $3,500 business support package may be fully funded through the Regional Business Partnership Program. Contact us to find out how to apply. 

These are the steps


Get all the facts straight about your business, your market, and your competition.

  • Teleconferencing research interviews with business leadership
  • Analysis of business & financial data, competitive landscape and the effects of C19 on the business


Learn the tools to shape your business for reignition.

  • Guidance and advice on cashflow management from financial analysis
  • Training in strategy principals for long-term continuity positioning
  • Training in communication principals for sales and marketing


Build your strategy and the plan to execute it.

  • Facilitated development of a post COVID19 business strategy
  • Facilitated development of a post COVID19 sales & marketing plan


Deploy the first wave together.
(Additional $1,500)

  • Facilitated implementation of initial sales & marketing communications
  • Facilitated implementation of performance processes
  • Training in performance analysis for iterative improvement
Reboot your business.