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Our Story

Our Journey from Red to Blue

Why Blue Ocean? Like many of our clients, we have navigated through the turbulent red waters of heavy competition. We have been there, through the storms, and sailed onward to new horizons.

We understand that finding the open blue ocean of opportunities is a challenge. Having learned from our experiences, and developed new frontiers, we are motivated to help other companies set their compass to win.

The culture and values of our people hold us on course to our True North. 

Evolution by design

Our Story: From Red to Blue

Life was a beach in 1999 for two young, but big thinking, European men living far from home on the beautiful island of Rarotonga in the South Pacific. Even in busy roles as Chief Financial Officers in tourism and travel they still had plenty of island time on their hands and it wasn’t long before they met over mojitos in what we like to call ‘The Meeting of The Minds’…

Both men were excited by the potential of the internet and both were frustrated by the lack of automation for travel bookings within their industry. After a few more ‘meetings of the minds’ their concept for the world’s first integrated internet booking engine and digital marketing system was born and Roland and Henrik were heading to New Zealand to begin a DIY business journey that would see them spend thousands of hours writing millions of lines of code to bring to life the ground-breaking technology of evoSuite.

Not surprising for these two problem solvers it wasn’t the technology that excited them the most but the solutions it provided to problems the industry didn’t yet know it had. They were removing friction in the customer experience and selling travel in real time at the click of a button. Bookings were automatically confirmed, and inventory updated in real time. For this remote part of the world connectivity and responsiveness was paramount to success. They had found their Blue Ocean – though somewhat different to the two-year blue water sailing journey they had previously planned.

evoSuite gained tremendous success reaching 1,500 clients within three years. But soon competition crept in and Roland and Henrik saw this as the perfect opportunity to shift the business from being technology driven to being value driven. They had identified booking technology was failing to reach its full potential as tourism operators had neither the time nor the experience to use the full set of tools the system provided. They built an agency, ReserveGroup, providing a complete package from creative design through to digital marketing and content creation.

As the industry evolved, and digital knowledge improved, the client friction shifted in the form of strategy. Clients understood the channels and activities, but true success was blocked by a lack of alignment between business goals, people and actions. Bringing their management consulting experience to the forefront, in 2018 Roland and Henrik set their compass to win and took another leap of faith to occupy a new market space between consulting and agency services as BlueOcean Marketing. Described as “more than strategy, more than marketing, and more than execution”, BlueOcean is strategic marketing, driven by management consultants and executed by specialists.

That is our story from Red to Blue, let’s talk about yours.

Navigating Our True North
Completing our evolution by design. Blue Ocean Marketing is Strategic Marketing driven by Management Consultants and executed by Specialists.
Setting the Compass to Win
Transformational shift from agency to consulting focus. Breaking new ground in the space between Management Consulting and Agency.
Rough Red Seas
Strategic work with the University of California (UCLA) and Waikato University as the world catches up and competition intensifies.
Value Creation
Expanding to ReserveGroup, a full-service digital agency with a team of 20.
Selling Ingenuity
Our internet booking engine takes the market by storm.
Daring to Dream
The concept for the world’s first integrated internet booking engine and digital marketing system was born. Moving to NZ.
The Meeting of the Minds
The idea of an internet booking engine is born. Moving to NZ to begin building evoSuite.