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Blue Ocean Marketing
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We are marketing.

We develop your story.

Marketing is the integral function between strategy and action. We understand the vision and the game plan. We build on that to create a compelling and unique story that we then share with the world.

Every organisation has a story to be told. A story that brings your brand to life, connects you with your audience and people, and drives engagement and meaningful results. What will your story be?

Tracy Hall
Digital Marketing Associate

Marketing Associate

Associate Degree in Art, with Honours (Manga cum Laude), Florida USA

Tracy was born and raised in the U.S of A, taking her creative side and love of lifelong learning from her Mom (artist and teacher) and her logical brain and eye for detail from her father (a renowned eye surgeon).

She has a wealth of technical skills and experience, with over a decade in I.T. covering support and project management. Following this, she has transitioned these skills into marketing roles over the past 11 years, with the last three of those applying her perfection and polish to marketing implementation right here in New Zealand.

When not at work you’ll find Tracy reading, drawing, painting, SCUBA diving, hiking, kayaking, djembe drumming, and/or cooking. She has interests in travel, art, history, literature, science, physics and astronomy, to name a few. The list goes on, and frankly, we’re out of space.