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Dale Koerner
Marketing Associate

Marketing Associate (Hons) International Management with German

Born in Portsmouth, U.K, Dale grew up to share the drive and ethics of his parents who founded and ran their own SME. Keen to contribute and learn from a young age, he studied diligently during the week and paid his way with weekend jobs. 

Pairing two of his passions, travel and marketing, Dale completed an honours degree from the University of Bath, studying under the U.K's top marketing faculty, where he gained a 12-month placement at a leading B2B marketing agency in Munich, Germany. He met a girl along the way (now his wife), moved to the other side of the world to be with her, and launched a career in Australasia, spanning marketing, B2B sales and marketing technology. 

Fuelled by a thirst for knowledge and perpetually curious, Dale is a tester of things; never afraid to trial and analyse different ways of reaching customers to drive performance. Coming from a family business background, he has a passion for helping SMEs level-up their marketing.