The Process

The Wind Tunnel takes place in 4 structured steps. 

The Test Data

Once we know what you would like to focus on in The Wind Tunnel, we'll request and analyse the business and financial data needed for your foundation and next step. 

Analysis Session One

An intensive half-day session designed to uncover limitations and opportunities, followed up with a summary of initial findings and focal points to take forward.


Analysis Session Two

Bring an open mind, as the second half-day session is about testing, breaking and proving the learnings from Analysis Session One and reaching conclusions.

The Iteration Summary

The Wind Tunnel concludes with the creation of your Iteration Summary; the action points needed to propel you further.

Your Expert Team

Meet the expert analysts & strategists you'll be working with.

Roland Leemans 

MBA Business Engineering

On a foundation of business engineering from the University of Brussels, Roland has led transformative business change across Europe and the APAC region for over twenty years.

Roland is a challenger. He sees all the moving parts and finds opportunity where others cannot.  

His expertise in finance and executive leadership, coupled with his own sense of curiosity, has helped countless businesses challenge the norms of the markets they operate in and achieve growth through customer-centric strategy and organisational alignment.

Henrik Arlund 

M.Sc Business Administration & Audit

From a foundation in business administration and auditing, Henrik has become a specialist at honing organisations to achieve their potential, from board level to the back office.

Henrik is a strategic architect. He sets a vision, and sees all the details that lead to achieving it.

His analytical skills, coupled with a relentless pursuit of customer-centricity, have transformed countless organisations over the last 20 years; helping them achieve their aspirations of becoming highly-productive, market-oriented, resilient and profitable.  

Businesses we have worked with

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What will you test?

Let's talk scope.