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We are digital

We transform your customer experience.

Digital transformation is more than deploying the latest technology. It is taking the time to understand your objectives and collaborating across your organisation to formulate an experience that delivers the greatest value to your customers.

Our crew of digital transformers understands that the best customer experience comes down to more than just following the latest trend or using the fanciest tools. They perform in-depth data analysis, apply their considerable expertise, and leverage technology to best align with your goals and achieve results.

Matthew Goodger
Digital Associate

Digital Associate
Dip Graphic Design, Dip Network Engineering  

Born and raised in Sydney, Matthew, or M2 as he’s known at Blue Ocean, has always had an affinity for technology, design and people.

After moving to New Zealand, he completed a diploma of graphic design before expanding his repertoire, studying Information Technology at Avonmore Institute. When Blue Ocean Marketing, ReserveGroup at the time, asked for a shortlist of Avonmore’s most impressive digital candidates, Matthew stood head and shoulders above the rest and joined the team. His fluency in the digital landscape and clear communication helps clients stay on top of their digital assets; from digital delivery to on-going support and training.

A naturally empathetic person with an eye for design, Matthew loves guiding clients through the transformation from being digitally functional to delivering digital experiences that elevate his clients.