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We are digital

We transform your customer experience.

Digital transformation is more than deploying the latest technology. It is taking the time to understand your objectives and collaborating across your organisation to formulate an experience that delivers the greatest value to your customers.

Our crew of digital transformers understands that the best customer experience comes down to more than just following the latest trend or using the fanciest tools. They perform in-depth data analysis, apply their considerable expertise, and leverage technology to best align with your goals and achieve results.

Jay Kudecha
Software Manager

Software Manager
BBA, MCA (Master of Computer Applications)

Jay started life out in the Gujarat region of India, before moving to New Zealand later in life.

Upon completing his Bachelor of Business Administration, Jay had the option to extend his learning into either an MBA or Masters of Computer Applications. His analytical, problem-solving mind led him down the path of computers and programming.

In addition to Jay's international experience in programming and web applications, his understanding of business and process make him as much an artist as a digital architect. Jay sees the whole picture, turning the most complex of business problems into intuitive digital experiences.