The Dentists were originally known as Laser Dentistry, and focused their value to its customers through the lens of technology. Founding directors, Adam Durning and AJ Rajasingham, were about more than straight white teeth - they had a genuine care about the long term health and happiness of their patients. As they were growing and acquiring new practices, focusing on delivering value to their patients through technology wasn't a strong enough backbone to support their growth ambitions.

BlueOcean was challenged to align one of New Zealand's largest and technology-based leading dental groups behind the founders values and deliver better outcomes for patients, driving growth. Shaping an organisation inside and out to deliver consistent value to its customers was no overnight task. 

We began by understanding and capturing the founding values of The Dentists that led to shifting the organisations approach to dental care from products and features (lasers and technology) to what the customer valued. The customer journey was mapped out and value creation at each stage of their experience was identified.

Total oral health for life became the driver for everything The Dentists group did. 


To align the organisation around its purpose and values and ensure consistent customer-centric service was delivered across all practices, a new brand was developed and a central space "The Hub" was created. It became the backbone for aligning consistent delivery nationwide by streamlining processes and structure.

KPI's were developed not around "how many patients were seen" but the value received. Patient satisfaction and delivery of service became the key indicators to whether the customer-centric approach was being delivered consistently at each practice.

By understanding the customer journey, the ethos of total oral care for life could be delivered. Clear processes for team members to follow, such as The Diag, ensured every single patient received the highest value of dental care possible beyond that just of straight white teeth, but their entire long term health and wellness. 

The Dentists became your home for oral health for life.


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