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Meet our team of experts and get to know the committed people who work together to make us greater than the sum of our parts.

Every job at BlueOcean is important and every staff member is vital to our success. We attract diverse, capable and committed people and provide an environment that fosters inclusion, respect, individual responsibility and value-diversity. Trust is strengthened through personal initiative and by obtaining quality results rapidly. Working collaboratively as one, we each play to our strengths.

Lee Hunter
Strategic Consultant

Strategic consultant

Hailing from Durban, South Africa, ensuring customer satisfaction was something that Lee picked up from an early age through his family's retail business.

After moving to New Zealand, Lee ventured into different markets, before returning to his passion for delivering exceptional customer experience and results  through management positions with various national retailers.  After honing his skills in a multi-million dollar international sales team, Lee joined Blue Ocean when it was still ReserveGroup where his integrity, out-of-the-box thinking, and straight-talking communication has helped over 250 clients make sense of their marketing, digital, and creative activities.

Lee challenges clients and staff with innovative concepts and solutions to problems, always deeply grounded in data

His competitive spirit motivates him, his team, and his clients to strive for success, all the while building robust and lasting relationships. As an experienced consultant Lee has a strong focus on identifying and building purpose within  organisation’s helping them achieve long term growth and client satisfaction.