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Our Story: from Red to Blue

An Evolution by Design

We love new ideas. We love shaping them. We love implementing them.

Having had the opportunity to work with some of the most amazing organisations over the past twenty years, we quickly realised the struggle that companies face turning great ideas into sustainable business models.

We have been there. Like many of our clients, we have navigated through the turbulent red waters of heavy competition. We understand that finding the open blue ocean of opportunity is a challenge. We became fixated on “why”; trying to figure out why some great products succeed while others failed.

After years of researching, learning, working with clients, testing and retesting, we developed ‘Evolution: by Design™’; a framework that helps shift organisational mindset from products to customers. It is simple to work with and delivers amazing results. It is designed to inspire, shape and accelerate organisations to success.

At BlueOcean, we are obsessed with sharing what we have learned, whether you're a medium-sized business or a large enterprise. At the end of the day, we are about teaching people how to care for their customers so that their customers will care for them.

The culture and values of our people hold us on course to our True North. Having learned from our experiences, and developed new frontiers, we are motivated to help other companies set their compass to win.

Follow Our Journey

From past to present, from red to blue.
Navigating Our True North
Completing our evolution by design. BlueOcean is Strategic Marketing driven by Management Consultants and executed by Specialists.
Setting the Compass to Win
Transformational shift to consulting focus. Breaking new ground in the space between Management Consulting and Marketing.
Rough Red Seas
Strategic work with the University of California (UCLA) and Waikato University as the world catches up and competition intensifies.
Value Creation
Expanding to a full-service digital marketing with a team of 25.
Selling Ingenuity
Our cloud software takes the market by storm.
Daring to Dream
The development of the world’s first integrated internet reservation engine and digital marketing platform for hotels starts.
The Meeting of the Minds
The idea of the first cloud sales and marketing software for hotels is born.